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La Mariposa: A Home Be-Coming in East Harlem

La Mariposa

“In the name of all the Puerto Ricans that came over on steamships like the Marine Tiger. In the name of Tito Puente, and Albizu Campos, and Julia de Burgos – I herein now and forever name this place “La Mariposa!” (The Butterfly) – so declares the protagonist in Eugene Rodriguez’s play about an East…

Costco and Food Stamps: A Good Neighbor Policy

Costco and Food Stamps: A Good Neighbor Policy

Guest Editorial by Viveca Diaz Why is Costco moving into non-middle income neighborhoods like East Harlem when they don’t accept food stamps? They want to live on the land of the people, but they don’t want people of the land who receive federal assistance to purchase food from their stores. Box-box stores built in disadvantaged…