Friday, June 21

Park Avenue Gas Explosion

OUT OF MANY, ONLY ONE.On March 12, 2014, a natural gas explosion left 8 dead and 74 people wounded and destroyed two buildings at 1644 and 1646 Park Avenue. Among the deceased were George Ameado (44), Rosaura Barrios-Vázquez (43), Giselde Camacho (44), Rosaura Hernández Barrios (21), Andres Panagopoulos (43), Alexis (Jordy) Salas (22), Carmen Tanco (67), and Mayumi Nakamura (34).
The East Harlem community instantly united during the search and rescue and relief efforts, while the media followed suit with a somewhat more respectful approach to their coverage. East Harlem Preservation extends its sympathies to those affected by the explosion. We bring you highlights from the ongoing news coverage, including photos and commentary submitted by neighborhood residents Helen Arias and Edwin Pagan.