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Join the South Bronx Community Congress at City Hall to Demand Mayor De Blasio Step Down Now!


South Bronx Community Congress
Monday, December 5th, 2016  
CONTACT: Julio Munoz
646 322-6698 / j[email protected]

Join South Bronx Community Congress At City Hall And Demand: Mayor Bill de Blasio Step Down Now!
No More Displacement! We Want Equal Protection!

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been colluding with big developers to slice up Chinatown, East Harlem and the South Bronx. The city is proposing to rezone Chinatown/Lower East Side, East Harlem, and Jerome Avenue in the Bronx displacing the majority of Chinese, Latino and African American residents. Mayor de Blasio is pitting communities of color against each other thus helping the developers to displace us all!
If these plans are passed by the City Council affordable housing will be eliminated in NYC. We’re demanding that a moratorium be imposed on Mayor de Blasio’s Rezoning plans.
WHO:            South Bronx Community Congress
WHERE:        City Hall (Broadway Side)
WHAT:           Rally at City Hall
WHEN:           Wednesday December 7th @ 3:30PM
In the wake of the national election, Mayor de Blasio is trying to repair his tattered image as a Mayor for the 1%, vowing to protect the people of color being targeted by Donald Trump. But the Mayor himself has been targeting low-income, people of color communities across the City such as East Harlem, Inwood/Washington Heights, East New York and the South Bronx for luxury development. These communities are also rising up against displacement and joining us. We cannot stand by a mayor who claims to be for the people yet pushes racist policies in our community.
The South Bronx Community Congress (SBCC) is a clearinghouse of community issues and campaigns where our leaders engage South Bronx community residents and stakeholders whose mission is to work collectively to develop strategies that benefit our community.

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